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Homeguard Pipes was incorperated with an aim to provide a comprihensive range of superior quality rigid electrical PVC conduits and fittings at resonable prices. We at HomeGuard Pipes are dedicated towards Consistency of Quality and Consistency of Supply and have a constant endeavour towards highest level of customer satisfaction.


HomeGuard Pipes aims at improving a long-term commitment to customer satisfaction from quality products and prompt service at highest level.

Electrical PVC Conduit


HomeGuard Electrical Conduit products are suitable for power, telephone and other electrical systems.


HomeGuard pipes offers a complete line of Flame Retardant Low Smoke Electrical Conduits and fittings of various colors that include conduits for power (Black), neutral, earthen, cable, intercom(green),backup(blue), telephone(grey/green), fire fighting (red) etc.
Conduits are manufactured from specially formulated High Impact unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride.

rigid 2mm pipes


PVC conduit pipe


HomeGuard is a name that has been renowned for its outstanding quality for Rigid PVC Conduit pipe and fittings. Syatamatic quality planning in the development of products,quality assurance in the selection and procurement of raw materials, use of latest testing equipment and comprehensive quality control in production ensures consistently superior quality and makes our products highly dependable.


Fire is one of the major hazards to life and property. Extensive studies and rigorous research into materials and construction of conduits has led to the development of fire retardant conduits. In the event of fire the major reasons for destruction and loss are fire propagation emission of corrosive gases and formation of dense smoke.HomeGuard FRLS Conduits offer effective resistance against propagation of fire and smoke generated during fire of negligible amount . HomeGuard PVC conduits formulations are modified to use low doses of plasticizer and lubricants of higher quality oxygen index and low smoke index.


HomeGuard Brand Rigid PVC Conduits are tested for Resistance to Burning as per IS-9537(PART - 1)-80 and Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) as per ASTM D 2863.


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